Upgrade Your Smart Home With This Philips Hue And Echo Dot Bundle With 42% Off

Philips Hue and Echo Dot Bundle | $100 | Amazon

Philips Hue and Echo Dot Bundle | $100 | Amazon

Smart homes are becoming more common for a lot of different reasons. For starters, it’s all a lot more affordable than it used to be, but more people are fine with the trade-offs of having something listening to you at all times for convenience. This Philips Hue and Echo Dot Bundle is a great way to boost or start your journey to a truly smart home, and comes with three Philips Hue bulbs for smart lighting from over 16 million colors that you can control via the Echo Dot it comes with. You can also use the dot to order things, set alarms, or research things on the fly as well. This bundle is currently $100, which is 42% off, which is a nice chunk of a saving.

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